Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quidditch 3

  1. Who was Tom Riddle Sr.’s girlfriend before Merope gave him the love potion?
    b. Cecilia

  2. What does Luna say floated into Harry’s ear when he was in the train car that supposedly caused him to lose focus? c. Wrackspurt

  3. How much do the primary Apparition lessons cost? d. 12 galleons

  4. What is Professor Merrythought’s first name? b. Galatea

  5. What Hogwarts club was Eileen Prince captain of? b. Gobstones Club

  6. Who is head of the Goblin Liaison office? b. Dirk Cresswell

  7. Mrs. Weasley offers Fleur a goblin-made tiara for the wedding with Bill. What family member is currently in possession of the tiara? a. Aunt Muriel

  8. How many points does Snape take from Gryffindor for Harry’s late arrival and muggle attire? b. 70

  9. When Profressory Slughorn first meets Hermione, he asks her whether she is related to Hector Dagworth-Granger. What society did Dgworth-Granger found? d. The Most Extraordinary Society of Potioneers

  10. Which of these describes Golpalott’s Third Law? d. The antidote for a blended poison will be equal to more than the sum of the antidotes for each of the separtea components

AND my pal's package went out today via priority owl post. I can't wait to see it arrive!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Belated Halloween Pic

Opps, I never did end up posting my picture of my Halloween costume. I was a "mad scientist."

And in my pocket you can see the amazingly cute felted bat I made for the costume. (Because like Slytherins, mad scientists are also fond of dark dungeons.) There is more info about that project on my my blog post.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Owl Received

I have been quite remiss! I received an amazing package from Pandora Phelps, but I have had several set backs in actually blogging about it.

Not only were there all sorts of fun pictures to open, but there was also one addressed to my "little witch-in-training". She was thrilled! And she is planning to use the bracelet making kit this week.

I was far from forgotten though. Inside were a bunch of green goodies. There were DPNs in a size I didn't have, and cute sock point protectors to use with them. Also included was enough Tofutsies sock yarn that I think I could make a good size toddler sweater if I wanted to. And not one, but two tins of minty goodness!

And last, but not least, a beautiful needle case. If I didn't know the guidelines for the swap I would totally have thought it was commercially made, it is really that well done. The perfect seams, the beautiful fabric, the elegant binding, the flawless zipper installation; I am seriously impressed.

Thank you so much for everything. This package is amazing!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Alas I won't be able to post my Halloween costume until tomorrow (too late for the Slytherin prompt), but I will share since it was lots of fun.

Yesterday we went straight from school to a friend's house for dinner. Then we headed over to see the Anti-morris (done at sun-down on Samhain in silence rather than sun-up on May Day with bells). Very fun! Then we skipped the mumming in favor of trick-or-treating. Hopefully soon in a year to come we will get to stay and watch the mumming plays though, since it looked really interesting.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

HSKS6 Pals

Ack! Somehow I just realized that I have not yet mentioned much about my pals for this term. This round I get to spoil another Ravenclaw of the name Molly Crookshanks. I am really excited about my package for her, but I am still pulling together final details. I am also lucky enough to have Pandora Phelps of Gryffindor for a pal, who is totally an inspiration as far as swap pals go. She is so good about checking in with me, I have to admit it makes me feel a little guilty about my own correspondence.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

HSKS6 Quidditch Round 2

  1. What animal does the portrait in the Muggle Prime Minster’s office resemble? b. Frog

  2. What drink does Romilda Vane try to give Harry? a. Gillywater

  3. What is the name of the person who heads the Holyhead Harpies? c. Glen Jones

  4. How many ‘Exceeds Expectation’ grades does Harry receive in his O.W.L’s? c. 5

  5. What is Professor Sughorn’s favorite candy? d. Crystallized Pineapple

  6. What tattoo is Harry reported to have on his chest? c. Hippogriff

  7. What color robes do the staff at the Weasley’s shop wear? b. Magenta

  8. What is the man outside Flourish and Blotts selling? a. Amulets

  9. How much is the skull, which Hermione enquires about at Borgin and Burkes, worth?c. 16 Galleons

  10. What are Professor Slughorn’s initials? b. H.E.F.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sneaking in Sock Time

I have been busy sneaking in time between classes to work on a new pair of Slytherin house socks for me.
I have finished the heels of one of these, and am now turning the heel on the other. That magical researcher Cat Bohrdi must have been the cleverest witch of her year. I am working on her River Bed pathway, and it is absolutely inspired!