Sunday, November 2, 2008

Owl Received

I have been quite remiss! I received an amazing package from Pandora Phelps, but I have had several set backs in actually blogging about it.

Not only were there all sorts of fun pictures to open, but there was also one addressed to my "little witch-in-training". She was thrilled! And she is planning to use the bracelet making kit this week.

I was far from forgotten though. Inside were a bunch of green goodies. There were DPNs in a size I didn't have, and cute sock point protectors to use with them. Also included was enough Tofutsies sock yarn that I think I could make a good size toddler sweater if I wanted to. And not one, but two tins of minty goodness!

And last, but not least, a beautiful needle case. If I didn't know the guidelines for the swap I would totally have thought it was commercially made, it is really that well done. The perfect seams, the beautiful fabric, the elegant binding, the flawless zipper installation; I am seriously impressed.

Thank you so much for everything. This package is amazing!


Pandora said...

Promise, the needle case was homemade! I am so glad that you liked everything and I am really glad that your daughter was thrilled!

Anonymous said...

Hi Matilda, Can you please email me the pics for the HSKS Best Kits site? If you have one of the needle case, that would be great too.

You can email bevinraemooney "at" gmail"dot"com

Thank you!
Bevin Rae
Best Kits Coordinator

Pandora said...

I actually have pictures of the case I will send them to Bevin Rae. I'm a flake and forgot.